Vetland Medical is the undisputed market leader in the field of Veterinary Anesthesia Delivery Systems! Time and time again, our Machines have proven to be the safest, smartest, and most reliable on the market today!

In our 12,000 square foot facility, our team of biomedical technicians custom assemble every anesthesia delivery system according to our specifications, and distribute them to small animal and large animal veterinarians worldwide. Our certified anesthesia specialists have over 150 years of combined experience.  Since our background comes from the human side of anesthetics, we were able to build in that level of safety and reliability to our line of Landmark anesthesia machines. We took the safety and reliability of the human machines and transferred them into the veterinary machines, creating our very own line of top quality veterinary equipment.

EX3000 Electronic Small Animal Veterinary Anesthesia Machine – The Future is Here!

Vetland EX3000 Veterinary Anesthesia MachineThe EX3000 Electronic Small Animal Veterinary Anesthesia Delivery System is the safest veterinary machine on the market today! The Top 5 things that lead to accidents under anesthesia are:
1) Excessive pressure to the lungs
2) Excessive anesthestic
3) Lack of Oxygen to the Brain
4) Lack of C02 Removal
5) Foreign Matter entering the Airway

The EX3000 was designed from the ground up to help prevent these sort of accidents.  Sophisticated and reliable electronic components constantly monitor a variety of metrics during the operation. The machine will remind you if pressure climbs, if there’s low oxygen, if there’s too much drug flowing to the patient, and many other scenarios. It’s always watching to make sure there aren’t any mistakes. The EX3000 is the only small animal veterinary anesthesia machine in the world with electronic dual drug delivery and safety monitoring ability.

Even with the high level of sophistication and electronic monitoring, the system is extremely reliable. The EX3000 has been on the market for nearly a decade and the success and reliability rate is well over 95%. We’ve designed the system to withstand the rigors of everyday clinical use, providing corrosion free performance for that will serve your practice for many, many years!

Landmark VSA-2100 Small Animal Veterinary Anesthesia Machine – The Most Popular Choice among Veterinarians!

Vetland VSA-2100 Anesthesia MachineVetland’s VSA-2100 has proven to be the #1 choice about veterinary professionals! And there’s tons of reasons why. Vetland used our decades of experience in anesthesia delivery systems to design a machine that’s compact, well balanced, and able to withstand the rigors of everyday clinical use, providing a tough, reliable system and that will keep on working for decades to come!

The Vaporizer is the heaviest component of the system and it’s centered right over the pole for rock-solid balance. All the plumbing in the system in encased in a solid metal cover that cannot be dented or damaged, yet the cover unscrews easily should any maintenance be necessary.

The VSA-2100 comes with our Drager D20 vaporizer, which is the only vaporizer on the market that’s calibrated for life, and has the industry’s longest warranty at 10 years.

Without a doubt, the VSA-2100 is the highest quality veterinary small animal anesthesia machine for the price!