Standard Wye Breathing Circuits

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Pediatric & Adult Size Wye Breathing Circuits

567-2300 Pediatric Circuit 30″ without Bag 567-2362C  Pediatric Circuit 36″ with 1L Bag
[case of 30]
567-2301 Pediatric Circuit 30″ with 5L Bag 567-2363  Pediatric Circuit 36″ with 2L Bag
567-2302 Pediatric Circuit 30″ with 1L Bag 567-2364 Pediatric Circuit 36″ with 3L Bag
567-2303 Pediatric Circuit 30″ with 2L Bag 567-2600 Pediatric Circuit 60″ without Bag
567-2304 Pediatric Circuit 30″ with 3L Bag 567-2600C  Pediatric Circuit 60″ without Bag
[case of 30]
567-2360 Pediatric Circuit 36″ without Bag 567-2601 Pediatric Circuit 60″ with 5L Bag
567-2360C Pediatric Circuit 36″ without Bag
[case of 30]
567-2602  Pediatric Circuit 60″ with 1L Bag
567-2361 Pediatric Circuit 36″ with 5L Bag 567-2603 Pediatric Circuit 60″ with 2L Bag
567-2362 Pediatric Circuit 36″ with 1L Bag 567-2604  Pediatric Circuit 60″ with 3L Bag
567-2840 Adult Size Circuit 40″ with 3L Bag
567-2840C  Adult Size Circuit 40″ with 3L Bag
[case of 30]
567-2860  Adult Size Circuit 60″ with 3L Bag
567-2872  Adult Size Circuit 72″ with 3L Bag
567-JO249 Black Rubber 22mm Circuit with Plastic Wye
567-2222 22mm x 22mm Adapter to Extend Length


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Manufacturers of Quality Veterinary Anesthesia and Critical Care Systems

Vetland Medical builds the highest quality veterinary anesthesia equipment on the market today! Every day, our products help provide safe, secure and positive patient outcomes. We took safety improvements from the human side of medicine and implemented them on the veterinary side. Our systems are all designed to the highest standards. And we back it up with 24/7/365 tech support from our world class team of experts.

Each of our products has revolutionized the veterinary community!

Vetland's D20 Vaporizer is "calibrated for life" with a 5-year warranty. Unmatched in accuracy or reliability, it does not require scheduled recalibration or rebuilding. The D20 is available with funnel or key fill systems for Isoflurane or Sevoflurane, providing flow volumes from 1 to 10LPM. Able to be universally mounted to a large variety of anesthesia systems.

Vetland's Landmark EX-3000 Veterinary Anesthesia System is the only one in the world that has electronic dual drug delivery and comprehensive safety monitoring! Helps prevent the top 5 risk factors of anesthesia. Color touchscreen with a number of configurable parameters. The future of anesthesia has arrived.

Vetland's e2 Oxygen Concentrator is a one-of-a-kind system. It's the only unit that draws in room air and supplies a steady 50PSI of medical grade oxygen, as required by all anesthesia systems. And it's the same size as a regular E-Tank! Minimal maintenance and costs just pennies per day to operate. Your Oxygen savings will pay for the unit in as little as 11 months!

Our 1400-Series Patient Monitors are designed from the ground up specifically for veterinarians! Uses non-invasive blood pressure monitoring that compares closer to invasive blood pressure than any competitor’s monitor. Uses veterinary specific algorithms and comes standard with ECG, SpO₂, NIBP, Resp, and 1 Temp configurations.

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