Tuttnauer tvet Series Veterinary Autoclave

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The tvet Series veterinary autoclave is a simple solution to fit all of your sterilization needs.  The tvet Series creates cycle parameters to accommodate double wrapped pouches and ensures sterility and efficient drying of pack and pouches.  The Tuttnauer tvet Series veterinary autoclave is helping veterinarians meet today’s challenging workloads with these feature:

tvet 9M & tvet 10M

  • Automatic shut-off after sterilization and/or dry cycles
  • Electro-polished stainless steel chamber & door
  • Double safety-locking devices prevents door from opening while chamber is pressurized
  • Quick and easy draining of water reservoir with front drain valve
  • Dual safety thermostat to protect against overheating

tvet 10E

  • Sterility and efficient drying is ensured with the closed door active drying system
  • Fast drying through high-efficiency air pump, which circulates hot air after sterilization
  • Hepa filter 0.2hm replaceable air filter
  • Pre-programmed cycles for unwrapped instruments, wrapped/packs, glassware and additional drying cycle
  •  Custom & store all program parameters
  • Automatic shut-off after sterilization and/or dry cycles
  • Audible & visual cycle interruption alerts
  • Double safety locking device prevents door from opening while chamber is pressurized
  • Low water sensor prevents activation of sterilization cycle when there is insufficient water in the chamber or reservoir
  • Constant monitoring of temperature and pressure for sterilization
  • Power outage recovery system
  • Door design prevents steam from coming in contact with control panel
  • Quick and easy draining of water reservoir with front drain valve

tvet 11E

  • Sterility and efficient drying is ensured with the closed door active drying system
  • Dynamic air removal technology effectively removes air from the chamber
  • Ergonomically friendly self-locking door for effortless opening and closing with an automatic double safety locking mechanism.  Glide the door closed with a gentle push to close and lock it
  • 11″ Chamber size capacity
  • USB port for storage and transfer of approximately 100 cycles of data.
  • Optional printer

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