Veterinary Oxygen Concentrator

e2_3The Vetland e2 Oxygen Concentrator is a revolution in the veterinary industry, and the only one of its kind on the market today. Using only room air, it draws in and extracts medical grade oxygen for the patient, then delivers a regulated, steady flow of oxygen at 50PSI.

The e2 was designed from the ground up to address a gaping weakness in the anesthesia market. Every Anesthesia System in the world requires 50PSI (or the Kilopascal equivalent) of medical grade oxygen. But there was no oxygen concentrator system to fill this need — nothing on the market delivered 50PSI of regulated, constant pressure. Most of the systems we saw weren’t even close — dribbling out 5-8PSI of pressure as designed for nursing home or home healthcare use. Even worse, we saw some practices actually trying to make these concentrators work with their anesthesia equipment!

Here at Vetland, we set out to solve that problem and we succeeded with flying colors. The e2 is specifically designed for veterinary anesthesia systems and is not much bigger then a regular E-Tank. It can hang from an anesthesia stand the same way as an E-Tank. Yet it takes regular room air and separates the nitrogen out, compressing medical grade oxygen into a reservoir that gradually builds pressure — up to 60PSI. The concentrator runs quietly in the background, and when the necessary pressures are reached, it switches into a silent power saving mode. When the reservoir starts to run low, it automatically switches back on to begin concentrating more oxygen.

It’s a seamless, automatic system. And the oxygen savings are so great, in most clinics all it takes is 1-2 years to pay for itself.

The e2 displays precise oxygen concentration levels in real-time with a large, brightly lit display. It has an extremely low operating cost, doesn’t need any boosters, requires minimal maintenance, and can handle 24/7 operation. It has an E-Tank manifold and E-Tank mount, for storage of a backup tank in case of power failure.

Be sure and check out our e2 Product Video, as well as our simple instructional video for how to mount the e2 onto your anesthesia stand.