Aqua Hot Water & Cryotherapy Therapy Pump

Aqua Hot Water & Cryotherapy Therapy Pump

Hot and cold water is quietly circulated through the leak-free 52″ hose to the pad, giving you completely hot and cold coverage.  Add ice and the cryo-cool system circulates cold water for up to 5 hours; while the heating system revs up in less than 10 minutes and can give you the desired heat level for as long as you need it.

For proper use:  Always have water above the fill-line.

Not for commercial/continuous use – pump life expectation is 1700 hours.  Empty water from reservoir between sessions.  Unplug in between sessions.  The Aqua Relief System hot and cold-water circulating pump machine is hospital-grade equipment.  Hot water settings heat up in less than 10 minutes but will not go above safe operating heat temperatures.  A 15-minute incremental time and auto shut-off help you to take control of your own operating time.  There is also a continuous operating setting.  Do not forget to attach the carrying strap to the cooler for easy transport.

000A6542 Aqua Hot Water & Cryotherapy Therapy Pump
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