DripAssist Fluid Administrator

DripAssist simplifies IV fluid administration for clinicians with precision measurement and monitoring without an infusion pump. DripAssist counts the drips on a gravity drip configuration.

  • Simple yet intuitive
  • Counts drip running through the drip chamber of an IV bag
  • The information is displayed as ml/hr, drops/min, or ml from the start
  • Select the drip factor matching your drip set, (10, 15, 20, or 60 drops/ml) slide the drip rate that was manually set
  • Provides an extra level of security with safety alarms
  • Display configurations
    • mL/hour
    • drips/minute
    • mL from the start of drip
  • Select drip factor matching drip set
    • 10 drips/minute
    • 15 drips/minute
    • 20 drips/minute
    • 60 drips/minute
  • Alarm alerts to significant rate change or discontinuation of flow due to an occlusion, crimped line, or empty bag
000A2773 DripAssist Infusion Rate Monitor
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