Introducing the e2 Oxygen Concentrator

e2_2Vetland Medical Sales & Services has been the manufacturer of quality veterinary anesthesia products for the last 20 years. Vetland Medical is always striving to develop the most innovative, safest and most superior products for the veterinary community around the world.

Last year, Vetland Medical worked hard on a new product called the e2 Oxygen Concentrator.

In June of 2014, Vetland Medical began selling the e2 Oxygen Concentrator and ever since the public has gotten wind of all the amazing features of the e2, they have been flying off the shelves – and for good reason!

The e2 is the most compact oxygen concentrator on the market. It produces pure, medical grade oxygen from room air at 50 PSI supply pressure and even mounts directly to most anesthesia machines.

With the e2 Oxygen Concentrator, there is no more hassle or costs for tanks, refills or deliveries – the oxygen you need is there, on hand, whenever you need it!

The e2 was designed, developed and is made in the United States specifically for veterinary use. It is easy to install, has audible/visual safety alerts and is quiet and simple to operate.

With the e2 Oxygen Concentrator, veterinarians are able to manage oxygen supply inventory and no booster is needed.

If your machine has an e cylinder manifold, you can simply hang the e2 in place of one of the tanks, while leaving the other e cylinder in place as a backup in case of a power failure.

So, how does the e2 work? Once turned on, the e2 draws in room air and separates oxygen from the air utilizing the Pressure Swing Absorption process. The e2 compresses the medical grade oxygen to 60 PSI and stores the oxygen in a reservoir for supply on demand. Once the reservoir pressure builds to 60 PSI, the compressor shuts down and enters Power Saving Mode. As your device requires oxygen, the e2 supplies a regulated steady flow of oxygen at 50 PSI. As the reservoir is depleted, the compressor energizes and starts the process over.

And why is PSI so important? 50 PSI is the “Normal Working Pressure” of all Anesthesia machines and an oxygen concentrator with low PSI will work, however at the most critical times, when the clinician needs more flow or flush, the low PSI concentrators will not meet the needs of the patient.

Anesthesia flush rates on most systems are specified to be between 18 LPM and 30 LPM at 50 PSI.

Furthermore, concentrators offering inadequate flows or pressure jeopardize patient safety.

Daily checklists of all major anesthesia machine manufacturers states the unit shall be connected to an oxygen supply that is turned on and has an adequate supply pressure of 50-55 PSI.

The e2 Oxygen Concentrator is the only compact oxygen concentrator providing the specified 50 PSI pressure for proper anesthesia machine function.

The list of benefits for using the e2 is long and the cost is justified in as little as 11 months for most clinics. So, if your veterinary facility is in need of a reliable, durable and affordable oxygen concentrator, please give Heartland Medical a call today to enquire about our new e2 Oxygen Concentrator. We’ll be happy to help!