Veterinary Oxygen Concentrator

The Tahoe Oxygen Concentrator is the first of its kind & outperforms all others.

Choose the best oxygen concentrator system to fit your practice

A Veterinary Oxygen Concentrator can offer a safer and more attractive option to liquid oxygen and high-pressure oxygen tubes. Users can reduce their clinic’s operating expenses by not having to pay for equipment increases, missed deliveries or locked into contracts with oxygen suppliers. However, it is important that you note that oxygen concentrator systems can become compromised (e.g. Loss of electrical power) means that the facility must always have an alternate supply of oxygen, liquid or high-pressure.

It is important to work with a reputable manufacturer, like Vetland Medical, in order to successfully size an oxygen concentrator system that meets your needs. To address your oxygen needs at your facility, we can help with the following questions:

  1. What number of anesthesia machines are you operating at any one time?
  2. Will you be operating a ventilator in conjunction with an anesthesia machine(s)?
  3. What number of oxygen recovery cages and/or intensive care units will you have operating at any one time?
  4. Concerning the first three questions: How many items/equipment would you be operating simultaneously?

An oxygen concentrator system can be an extremely attractive addition to any facility/clinic, providing a safe and economical alternative. Consult with one of our experts today for guidance and the best solution for your needs.

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