Coax Apparatus

Coax Apparatus

The COAX-4 is a co-axial anesthesia breathing apparatus for maintaining the surgical plane that can be used for mouse to rat sized animals.  The fresh anesthetic gas enters the side barbed fitting set with 1/16″ tubing that limits dead space.  The Waste Anesthetic Gas (WAG) is scavenged by the end barbed fitting to the WAG site.  The masks (2 included) utilize a replaceable and transparent silicone diaphragm to seal the nose.


COAX-4M – COAX-4 with 2 mouse sized masks

COAX-4R – COAX-4 with 2 rat sized masks

COAX-4M2M – 2  mouse sized masks only

COAX-4R2R – 2 rat sized masks only


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