Veterinary Anesthesia Machines

Manufacturers of Quality Veterinary Anesthesia Systems.

Veterinary Anesthesia Machines are an essential piece of equipment for most veterinary practices. There are many brands and standards for the Manufacturers of Quality Veterinary Anesthesia Systems. Care and maintenance of vet anesthetic machines is an essential part of any practice’s standard operating procedure to ensure patient safety.

Care and Maintenance vs. Service

Maintenance and care involves performing routine maintenance on the machine daily, weekly and/or monthly to ensure it is in top condition. These include changing the sodasorb, filling and drying the vaporizer, as well as cleaning the machine. Although these seem to be simple and routine tasks, if they are not done properly, the machine’s proper functioning may be compromised.

Routine maintenance and preventative maintenance are usually done annually. This involves disassembly and inspection of all parts. As necessary, parts are replaced and the high, low, and rebreathing systems are checked. This includes calibration verification of your vaporizer. A reputable service provider should provide this. They should also carry liability insurance that covers one million dollars. Regular care as well as routine preventive maintenance are essential to ensure the machine’s reliability.

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