Vetland NT1D-V

Veterinary Handheld CO2 Monitor

NT1D-V Features:

  • Compact, lightweight, handheld design
  • High-definition, bright color screen
  • Measures EtCO2, respiration rate, SpO2 (optional), and pulse rate
  • Choose between Mainstream or Sidestream CO2
  • Diagnostic CO2/SpO2 waveforms
  • Audible/visual physiological and technical alarms
  • User adjustable alarm limits
  • Pre-set alarm limits for cats, dogs, and horses
  • Three-hour graphical trend review
  • Up to 99 patient IDs
  • Operates on four AA NiMH 2400mAh-2500mAh rechargeable batteries (>4.5 hours) or AC power
  • Power charger /cradle included
  • Readings from ear, vulva, Achilles tendon, toe webbing, and tongues of animals with adequate tongue mass


VLNT1D-LFS Vetland Handheld LoFlo Sidestream CO2 & SpO2 Monitor


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