24/7 View Display with MyTelePatient™ Mobile App

24/7 Veterinary Vital Signs Monitoring System

24/7 Diagnostic & After Hours Remote Veterinary Vital Signs Monitoring System

24/7 View Display with MyTelePatient™ Mobile App

Standard Features:

  • Diagnostic vital signs monitor with accurate veterinary-specific algorithms
  • Main or sidestream CO2, 3-Lead ECG, Resp, Nellcor SpO2, NIBP, TEMP, IBP
  • Compact design with 2.4″ color display attaches to IV pole or other mounts
  • Remote viewing via smart device application gives clinicians freedom and movement
  • MyTelePatient ™ app is free to download on Android and Apple devices
  • Each patient with the 24/7 module can be monitored and viewed remotely via the smart app
  • The MyTelePatient™ app facilitates pre and post-op monitoring as well as after-hours monitoring
  • 2-year warranty1
  • Extended warranties are available to purchase anytime2

Optional Features:

  • After-hours monitoring ability via remote surveillance that eliminates the expense of overnight employees
  • Wireless connectivity and security camera enables you to monitor from anywhere via live-feed video
  • View multiple patients simultaneously
  • Sidestream capnography
  • Invasive Blood Pressure (IBP)
  • Diagnostic quality vitals are available anywhere, anytime
  • Thermal night-vision camera
  • Customizable alarm/alert parameters


1 2-year warranty for 24/7 monitor only (does not include battery replacement or cameras)

2 Capnography modules have a standard 1-year warranty but multiple extended warranties are available

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