Many vaporizer manufacturers recommend annual cleaning and calibration to ensure accuracy.  Previously, options for this service meant down-time of your equipment while your vaporizer was sent for service.
The Vaporizer Exchange Program eliminates those problems by making the process simple and fast.

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How It Works:

1) Place an order for a vaporizer exchange by specifying the vaporizer model, agent, and funnel or key fill.  For Tek 4 vaporizers, we also must know if it is Latch or Bolt style

2) When the replacement vaporizer arrives to you, empty the agent and detach your existing vaporizer from your anesthesia machine

3) Attach the refurbished, calibrated, & certified vaporizer to your anesthesia machine

4) Place your old unit* into the shipping box, apply the pre-paid return shipping label and return it to Vetland Medical

*Return core vaporizers must be the same make, model, and attachments as the replacement unit supplied.  Return core vaporizers must be functional & cosmetically intact for acceptable return to the exchange pool.  Any deficiencies will be corrected & billed accordingly.  

NOTE: Ohio style vaporizers are vintage and will be serviced on a “best-effort” basis due to lack of parts and availability

Watch this instructional video on removing your old vaporizer and replacing it with the exchange unit.

Need Vaporizer Service?  We made it easy!

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