Vetland Medical is the industry leader in veterinary medical equipment.

We build and distribute the safest, most innovative, and most reliable veterinary systems on the market today!

Every one of our products has revolutionized the veterinary community
Vetland’s Drager D20 Vaporizer is the industry’s best “calibrated for life” vaporizer.
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Our EX3000 is the only veterinary anesthesia machine in the world that has electronic dual drug delivery, and comprehensive safety monitoring ability.





Our Tahoe Oxygen Concentrator is the only unit on the market of its kind. With a 50 PSI pressure that is 6-20 times more than other portable concentrators, the Tahoe outperforms similar products when considering pressure, flow, oxygen percentage, and cost of ownership.
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Our 1400 Series Patient Monitors use algorithms and software specifically designed for veterinarians, at the market’s most competitive prices.

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Vetland’s success is a result of efforts by our certified anesthesia system specialists (with over 150 years of combined experience), our skilled production staff, our sales staff, and knowledgeable support staff. From top to bottom, the TEAM structure allows the company to meet all your anesthesia equipment needs.

All this experience led us to go above and beyond when designing each of our products.  Our systems are all designed to FDA, AMA, and APSF specifications.

This quality of design is readily evident in all of our products. We use the same high-quality pop-off valve, flush valve, and inspiratory/expiratory valves that you find on the $50,000 human anesthesia machines. It doesn’t have to be that good, but it is nevertheless. We also have sophisticated, dependable electronics that monitor a variety of metrics during the operation specifically targeted to the top anesthesia risk factors like excessive lung pressure, lack of oxygen to the brain, and excessive anesthetic.

And we back all these outstanding products up with a top-quality support team, always there to answer questions and provide technical assistance. Over the years, our technicians have cleaned, calibrated, PM’d, and repaired every model of anesthesia machine ever made. We understand the principles of function, the physiology, and the equipment. And we won’t rest until you’re 100% satisfied.

We would love to partner with your veterinary practice to provide you with safe, secure, positive patient outcomes by introducing quality and innovative products, bolstered by our exceptional technical support.

We look forward to hearing from you!