Lite Duty Cuffs

High Duty Cuffs

PART # Lite Duty Cuffs
VA-UN-0309L Exotic 3cm x 9cm Lite Duty Purple Cuff
VA-UN-0314L Extra Small 3cm x 14cm Lite Duty Purple Cuff
VA-UI-0515L Small 5cm x 15cm Lite Duty Purple Cuff
VA-UP-0925L Medium 9cm x 25cm Lite Duty Purple Cuff
VA-UA-1745L Large 17cm x 45cm Lite Duty Purple Cuff
VA-UA-3962L Extra Large 39cm x 62cm Lite Duty Purple Cuff
VA-LD-KIT Kit- Lite Duty Cuffs (exotic, extra small, small & medium cuffs, washing caps & line adapter)
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