ECG Accessories for Standard Vetland 1400 Series Monitors

V-A-ECG-001 Combined 3-Lead ECG & Trunk Cable
V-A-ECG-002 ECG Clip (Each)
V-A-ECG-003 Alligator Clip (flat/long)
V-A-ECG-005 5-Lead ECG Cable
VESOECG-LG Esophageal ECG Probe (Large)
VESOECGT-LG Esophageal ECG Probe (Large with TEMP)
VESOECG-MD Esophageal ECG Probe (Medium)
VESOECGT-MD Esophageal ECG Probe (Medium with TEMP)
VESOECG-SM Esophageal ECG Probe (Small)
VESOECGT-SM Esophageal ECG Probe (Small with TEMP)


Helpful Info:

ECG and ECG-with-temp esophageal sensor probes are available for the V1407, V1410, and V1412 monitors.  The customers that buy this type of probe love them.  Many customers are not aware of such a sensor for ECG or internal temp. The only negative is that it can be an obstruction when doing dental procedures.   This type probe eliminates worry over placement through fur and allows for good electrical contact for good readings.  It also is not in the way or shorting out on the table.

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