Landmark VTA-1100 Table Top Veterinary Anesthesia Machine


The VTA-1100 Table Top Veterinary Anesthesia System has proven to be a popular choice among veterinary professionals.  Vetland Medical designed the VTA-1100 tabletop veterinary anesthesia machine to be compact, well-balanced, and able to withstand the rigors of everyday clinical use – providing corrosion-free performance for decades to come!  The VTA-1100 small animal anesthesia machine sits on a tabletop for easy access, convenience, and floor space conservation.

The vaporizer is the heart of every anesthesia system, and only Vetland Medical offers a vaporizer that is calibrated for life!  This represents substantial savings to the veterinarian over the life of the machine.  Vaporizers sold separately.

Landmark VTA-1100 Standard Features

  • Delux Safe™ pop-off valve with thumb occlusion
  • High quality, FDA-approved-type valves
  • Heat & moisture conserving coaxial absorber
  • Quick disconnect fresh gas outlet for non-rebreathing applications
  • Accessory Kit
    • Accessory kit includes: Adult F Breathing Circuit, Modified Jackson Rees Non-Rebreathing Circuit, 1 Bag of EcoSorb, 2-Liter Breathing Bag, Operator’s Manual

What Makes the VSA-2100 Great?

  • Neat, balanced, compact design
  • Low-flow kit available
  • 1030cc absorber with less trapped volume, less chance of “channeling” & quicker anesthetic adjustments
  • Back cover to protect all tubing connections
  • Corrosion-proof construction
  • 24 x 7 x 365 technical support 
  • 5-Year Warranty

VTA-1100 Tabletop Anesthesia System

Conduct an Anesthesia System Pressure Test

Anesthesia 101 Training


VTA-1100 Landmark Tabletop System 0-4LPM tube without vaporizer, 5-yr machine warranty
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