Masimo Rad-97 Veterinary Pulse Co-Oximeter with Nomoline Capnography

Masimo Rad-97 Veterinary Pulse Co-Oximeter with Nomoline Capnography

The Rad-97 Pulse CO-Oximeter is a standalone bedside patient monitor with advanced connectivity technologies that provides non-invasive and continuous monitoring in a compact, portable, and highly configurable device. With Integrated ISA Capnography, the Rad-97 offers Continuous SpO2, etCO2, and respiration rate in a compact, standalone device that provides a complete picture of a patient’s respiratory status.

The integrated capnography module takes 10 seconds to reach full accuracy, auto-calibrates on start-up, requires only a 50 ml/min sampling rate that can be used on smaller patients and has a light indicator that illuminates in different colors to provide visual confirmation of etCO2 monitoring status.

The Rad-97 utilizes Nomoline etCO2 airway adapters, which contain their own bacterial filter, moisture wick, and Star Lumen design. This allows for continued sampling with kinked lines, reduces in-line contamination, and eliminates the need for a water trap.

The Rad-97 also offers a wide variety of communication options to download parameter data for storage and integrate future wearable devices for tetherless monitoring.


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