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Masimo Root Patient Monitor & Connectivity Platform

Masimo Root Patient Monitor & Connectivity Platform

The Masimo Root is an innovative and powerful new patient monitor and connectivity platform.  It has an easy-to-interpret display, multiple network/connectivity options and unites multiple streams of data while making patient care workflows simpler.  The Masimo Root allows caregivers to make swift patient assessments, better clinical decisions and take actions quicker, if necessary.

The Masimo Root brings patient monitoring and care to the next level with its SedLine® brain function monitoring.  The SedLine® monitoring is designed to better the care given to patients under sedation or anesthesia.

The state-of-the-art EEG-based brain function monitor uses four cooperating EEG channels and is available with the ISA CO2 module for side stream monitoring.  The ISA has virtually no warm-up time and features Nomoline to reduce costs through extended monitoring and use of non-propriety cannulas.

Root also allows for other companies to expand the platform with their own measurements through MOC-9 because it is designed for third-party measurement expansion.

627-9515 Masimo Root Docking Station & Connectivity Platform
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