MicroVent 3760

MicroVent 3760 – Discontinued – To ventilate rats and larger, you may be interested in the Anesthesia Workstation.

We apologize but production of this item ceased January 2018.
This product is no longer available.

Archival Information About This Product:

A ventilator capable of providing ventilatory support for the smallest animals you can intubate.

  • Dual mode – IPPV or HFOV
    • Intermittent positive pressure vent
    • High frequency oscillatory vent
  • Breathing system has volume less than 1cc
  • 5 Parameters
    • 02 Flow
    • Frequency
    • Amplitude
    • Mean Airway Pressure
    • O2 Flowmeter:  50-100 mL/min
  • IPPV: 75-240 BPM
  • Tidal Volume: 0-10mL
  • HFOV mode allows frequency 750-2400BPM
  • Direct connection to vacuum, active, or passive scavenging system
DISCONTINUED 000A3760  Microvent

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