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Tahoe Anesthesia Machine Plate for a Coalesced System

This convenient base plate creates a coalesced system with your anesthesia machine and the Tahoe Oxygen Concentrator.  The base plate is compatible with several different types of anesthesia machines. Please see the chart below to determine what size spacers you will need for your coalesced system.

To determine what size spacer you will need to properly mount your Tahoe Oxygen Concentrator, please see the following chart: 

Vetland Medical Image

595-2700A Landmark New Style Tahoe Base Plate
(Fits all new VSA-2100 Anesthesia Systems – NO SPACER NEEDED)
595-2703 Dispomed/DRE 17/8” Spacer
595-2702 Landmark Old Style & Patterson Versa II 31/4” Spacer
595-2704 Surgivet New Style 21/4” spacer
595-2705 Surgivet Old Style 31/8” Spacer
595-2711 Matrx1 27/8” Spacer
595-2712 Matrx2 25/8” Spacer

1 – Matrx style A
2 – Matrx style B

NOTE: Please make sure you have at least 26″ between the top of the base plate and the lowest hanging object on your anesthesia machine (ie. CO2 canister)
If that clearance is not available, please call us at 866-476-0589

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