Tek 4 Vaporizer

Tek 4 Vaporizer – With 3-year warranty

The Tek 4 vaporizer was the most popular vaporizer in the early 2000s.  The Tek 4 is still widely used today and has a reputation for being dependable and precise.
(Please specify Bolt or Latch style manifold)

524-11-22 Isoflurane – Funnel Fill 3 Year Warranty
524-11-32 Isoflurane – Key Fill 3 Year Warranty
542-31-22 Sevoflurane – Funnel Fill 3 Year Warranty
542-31-32 Sevoflurane – Key Fill 3 Year Warranty

Vetland Medical’s Vaporizer Exchange Program

Many vaporizers have manufacturer recommendations that they are cleaned and calibrated annually to ensure accuracy.  Previous options for this function were downtime with your equipment while you sent your vaporizer in for service, or an incomplete overhaul if you had a technician perform the service in-house.  Now, the process is easy with Vetland Medical’s Vaporizer Exchange Program!

How It Works:

 1) Call us to place an order for a vaporizer exchange (please specify vaporizer type, agent, model, and brand of the machine if it is to be mounted to)

2) When replacement vaporizer arrives:

  • Empty the agent and detach your existing vaporizer from your anesthesia machine
  • Attach the new, refurbished vaporizer to your anesthesia machine
  • Place your old unit in the shipping box, apply the pre-paid return shipping label and send the unit to us
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