Refurbished e2 Electronic Oxygen Concentrator


e2logo Electronic Oxygen Concentrator – Refurbished

The e2 is the only oxygen concentrator of its kind on the market today.  It draws in room air and separates oxygen from the air utilizing the Pressure Swing Absorption process and creates medical grade oxygen for the patient. The e2 Oxygen Concentrator compresses the medical grade oxygen to 60 PSI and stores the oxygen in a reservoir for supply on demand.  Once the reservoir pressure builds to 60 PSI, the compressor shuts down and enters Power Saving Mode.  As the e2 Oxygen Concentrator requires oxygen, it supplies a regulated steady flow of oxygen at 50 PSI.  As the reservoir is depleted, the compressor energizes and starts the process over.

e2 Standard Features

  • Industry standard DISS oxygen supply outlet
  • Built for veterinary applications
  • Visual safety alerts
  • 24/7 operation
  • Oxygen percentage monitor
  • 1-4LPM flow>93% oxygen with higher flows possible (see manual)
  • Hour meter & flow meter

What Makes the e2 Great?

  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to install on any machine
  • No hassle of managing oxygen supply inventory
  • No booster needed
  • Simple operation
  • Energy efficient – costs pennies per day
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Durable
  • Low operating cost
  • Automatic operation
  • Cost justified in as little as 11 months for most clinics
  • Optional E-tank manifold allows for easy attachment and E-tank mount for storage of backup tank in case of power failure
  • 1-Year Overall/ 3-Year Compressor Warranty

Product Specifications:

Power Consumption <400 watts      3.4 Amps (Power Supply UL Labeled)
Compressor Range *¹ 35-65 PSI/regulated output pressure 50 PSI± 2 PSI  (Compressor UL Labeled)
High Elevation Operation For every 1,000 feet increase in elevation, PSI will drop approximately 1 PSI
Dimensions Height: 29″ Width: 9″ Depth: 13″
Weight 34 pounds
Noise <40-48 dB
Electrical 110-120 VAC 60 Hz 4 Amps
3 prong polarized grounded plug (USA)
Storage Temperature -5° F – 110° F
Operating Temperature 50° F – 95° F
Operating Humidity *² 0 – 95% Non-Condensing
Oxygen Concentration *² *³ 1-4 LPM 93% ±3%
4-8 LPM 80-90% range
8+ LPM 70-80% range
 Oxygen Supply Pressure *² *³ 1-4 LPM 50 PSI
4-8 LPM 40-50 PSI range
8+ LPM 30-40 PSI range
Display/Alert High Compressor Temperature set at 170° F
Oxygen Concentration
Oxygen Supply Pressure
Hours of Use
Accumulated Total Flow
*¹ Based on atmospheric pressure of 14.7 PSI (sea level) at 70 ° F
*² Extended periods of usage beyond intended scope of 4 LPm flow will void the warranty.
*³ Operating the unit outside the intended use specifications of temperature range, humidity range or flow range will negatively affect performance and may cause damage to the unit which voids the warranty.
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