Comparing Vetland’s EX-3000 and VSA-2100 Anesthesia Systems

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Vetland Medical is an industry leader in providing top quality Veterinary Anesthesia systems worldwide.

Our two flagship products are the VSA-2100 – A proven favorite among vets everywhere, and the EX-3000 – The safest veterinary machine on the market!

Comparing the Two

Both the EX-3000 and the VSA-2100 feature excellent build quality. Careful thought has been put into making a neat, balanced and compact design. There aren’t any fragile components jutting out, it’s all self-contained in our corrosion-proof metal construction. All internal parts are accessible via the back cover, which unscrews with standard tools for easy maintenance.

Both the VSA-2100 and EX-3000 feature proven quality DeluxSafe™ valves. This follows Vetland’s dedication to superior quality parts.

The heaviest part of the machines are centered directly over the pole, leading to rock-solid stability. Both machines have Wall-Mounted variants but the VSA-2100 also offers Tabletop and MRI-Compatible versions.


Where the machines differ is while the VSA-2100 is a tried and true machine – not requiring electricity, it doesn’t have the sophistication or internal monitoring of the EX-3000. The EX-3000 features a color touchscreen with a Time, Date and Case Clock, as well as other user adjustable parameters.

The EX3000 has a touchscreen flowmeter while the VSA-2100 has a traditional dial flowmeter. Additionally, the pressure of the EX3000 is measured and displayed electronically while the VSA-2100 is measured and displayed with a mechanical gauge.

The EX-3000 features cutting edge electronic monitoring, protecting you and your patients from accidental injury or worse.

The top 5 things that lead to accidents and injury:

  1. Excessive Pressure to the Lungs
  2. Excessive Anesthetic
  3. Lack of Oxygen to the Brain
  4. Lack of CO2 Removal
  5. Foreign Matter Entering the Airway

And like all our products, the electronic monitoring on the EX-3000 is ultra-reliable. Having been on the market worldwide for over 9 years, the number of problems has been incredibly low. In fact, we can count on one hand the number of electronic boards that have had issues.

The VSA-2100 and EX-3000 also differ in their anesthetic delivery vehicles. While the VSA-2100 utilizes an agent vaporizer, connected via a universal mounting block (that accepts a Vetland D20, Drager 19, Tec3, Tec4, Ohio, or Penlon); The EX3000 has two funnel fill (keyfill option) agent chambers internally to deliver temperature and pressure compensated flow. The EX3000 self-verifies the output is accurate, as dialed by the user, every second.

It all depends on what’s most ideal for you and your business. The EX-3000 is the future of veterinary anesthesia, and the VSA-2100 is the tried and true old faithful. You can’t go wrong with either product! If you have any more questions, check out the product pages or shoot us an email.

VSA-2100 EX-3000
Neat, balanced, and compact design  X X
5-leg base with lifetime caster replacement  X  X
Pop-off valve with thumb occlusion  X  X
Corrosion proof construction  X  X
Mayo tray  X  X
1030 cc absorber  X  X
Vaporizer calibrated for life/5 year warranty  X  –
Internal agent chamber calibrated for life X
Color touch-screen display  –  X
Dual drug delivery  –  X
Continuous self testing  –  X
Time & date & case clock  –  X
Alarms/configuration communications window  –  X