Vetland’s LAS-4000 is the most sophisticated and complete large animal anesthesia support system on the market today.

Hippo Anesthesia Procedure

This large animal anesthesia system is a must-have if you need to anesthetize animals larger than dogs, but it can also handle much bigger animals, making it a popular choice with zoos and horse stables.

The LAS-4000 can be equipped with either 1 or 2 of Vetland’s Dräger D19 or D20 vaporizers, the only vaporizers on the market that are calibrated for life and have the industry’s longest warranty of 10 years.  Both the D19 and D20 vaporizers are proven systems with unparalleled precision and longevity.  They’re the only “maintenance free” vaporizers on the market, meaning there is not a scheduled recalibration/rebuild date recommended by the manufacturer.  The lifecycle cost savings can easily exceed $3,000 over the 10 year warranty period.  The unit provides accurate anesthetic volume percent outputs at fresh gas flows as low as 400cc.  It’s pressure and temperature compensated, and available with funnel or key fill systems for Isoflurane and Sevoflurane.  The LAS-4000 has a special vaporizer interlock exclusion system, for increased safety.

We also provide hookup for an optional foal absorber and scavenger interface. There’s 475 square inches of surface area on top of the ventilator box, which is plenty of room for patient monitor and additional supply placement.

Everything comes with a 3 year warranty, one of the best in the business!  Vetland can confidently offer this warranty because we engineer our products to the highest standards.  Our systems are all designed to FDA, AMA and APSF specifications.  And our warranty is backed up by Vetland’s outstanding customer service and 24/7 technical support.

The LAS-4000 comes pre-installed with the Dräger AVE ventilator, which is a high-end, time-cycled, electronically controlled, pneumatically driven anesthesia ventilator. It’s a bestseller among veterinarians because it can deliver huge tidal volumes, ranging from 1/2 liter to 15 liters, and adjustable beats per minute from 1 to 99. Rocker switches electronically control both settings so they can be precisely adjusted. I:E ratios can also be changed, from 1:2 through 1:4, all the way up to an optional 1:8. The flowmeter provides up to 10LPM.  The Dräger AVE ventilator offers high performance and a very stable footprint, able to ventilate animals ranging in size from foals to very large animals like hippopotamus!  With it being precisely controlled, the ventilation happens automatically, freeing up your staff to concentrate their full attention on the patient.

Vetland is the most capable veterinary equipment manufacturer, delivering safe, secure, positive patient outcomes via our high quality, innovative products.  We would love to partner with your veterinary practice by introducing quality and innovative products.

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