About Vetland Medical!

The company’s success is a result of efforts by our certified anesthesia system specialists, with over 150 years of combined experience. It is also the result of efforts by our skilled production staff, our knowledgeable support and sales staff. The saying. ”When you surround yourself with good people…good things happen,” has definitely proven true for Vetland Medical. From top to bottom, the TEAM structure allows our company to meet all your anesthesia needs.

The backbone of the company is the anesthesia equipment field service division. Over the years, our technicians have cleaned, calibrated, PM’d and repaired every possible model of anesthesia machine ever marketed. We understand the principles of function, the physiology, and the equipment. Our extensive experience in the high risk, high liability world of human anesthesia has helped us integrate successful safety improvements into the veterinary market. We have proudly helped the profession take great strides; many of our technological improvements in equipment have resulted in far fewer undesired incidents and outcomes.

Vetland Medical is the most capable anesthesia systems specialist company in America providing safe, secure, positive patient outcomes.

Our company’s stringent commitment to quality and value has helped Vetland grow each year to become a market leader in both sales and innovation. The company is currently housed in a 12,000 square foot facility where the highest quality anesthesia equipment is built for distribution worldwide.

We thank our established customers and appreciate their continued support. And we look forward to building new relationships with our future customers.