Supplying the best veterinary monitors in the industry.


Vetland’s line of Patient Monitors is unsurpassed in the medical community. We offer 7″, 10″ and 12″ monitors depending on your needs. All are high resolution, color displays with optional touch screens.

The algorithms and software are specifically designed for veterinary use, and there are 6 different display screens to present the data in the way you find most useful. And we’ve designed the software to be easily upgraded — making this a great long-term investment for any veterinary facility.

Our Patient Monitors use non-invasive blood pressure monitoring, with results much closer to invasive blood pressure than any competitor’s monitor. There’s a whole host of standard features, including ECG, SpO₂, NIBP, Resp, and 1 Temp configurations. There’s a VGA port so you can hook up an additional monitor. 7 Days of trending patient data can be saved to an SD card, and you can email an ECG wave for interpretation and analysis. And using the Smart-care System, you can view stats anywhere in the world on a smart device. Optional features include an integrated printer, and CO2 both sidestream and mainstream.

We’re confident our patient monitors will give you the best bang for your buck. For the same money you would spend elsewhere, you’ll get a larger display with more functions and more standard features.