Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table

Olympic Dental Suite

The Olympic Dental Suite is as efficient as an airplane cockpit, making longer procedures less tiring.  All your instruments and equipment are mounted on swing arms for perfect positioning – right where you want them.  You work in ergonomic comfort, with the table adjusted for maximum comfort, whether you are standing or seated.  And with adjustable height, you have improved patient presentation and improved visualization of the dental site, especially for more difficult procedures.

Olympic Dental Suites reduce clutter in the dental area while the articulated swing arms support up to 60 pounds of equipment each.  This allows for the dental unit, anesthesia machine, IV poles, and other equipment to be off the floor, saving floor space and creating a more efficient work area for you and your staff.

The swing arms can also support other accessories, including a LED light and a platform for your laptop.  All accessories fit into drop-in sockets on the swing arms and can be easily changed.  The swing arms themselves can easily switch from left to right, or vice versa, without tools.

The Olympic Dental Suites are universal platforms designed to accept future changes in equipment and procedures.  They are the best long-range investment for an expanding dental practice.


The Landmark VSA-2100 by Vetland Medical has been the #1 choice among veterinary professionals for years because of its reliability, versatility, and durability.

For more information on the VSA-2100, please click here.

The Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table is a combination of a wet table and a dental suite.  Converts in minutes from one to the other.

  • Anesthesia Machine – Vetland VSA-2100-CP
  • Dental Unit – Dentalaire DTP00603.  Includes oiled air compressor.
  • Rock Solid – Heavy-duty, all-welded steel.  No bounce or wobble.
  • 2 Swing Arms – Support and position all equipment at your fingertips.  Two sockets on each arm.
  • Choice of Drop-In Accessories – IV pole, height-adjustable instrument try, LED exam light, laptop support arm.
  • Height Adjustment – Standing tall – 44″ or seated – 31″.  Enclosed electric lift.
  • Grate Tilt – Improves oral draining
  • Install Anywhere – Fits all standard plumbing connections.
  • Unique Design – No noisy pump, no external hoses.  Install near wall or free-standing.  Not a wooden built-in.
VSA-2100-CP Anesthesia System to be sold with Olympic Dental Suite
DTP00603 Dentalaire with compressor
51005 Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table

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