Tahoe Oxygen Concentrator

The Tahoe is our new vet oxygen concentrator solution for your veterinary facility.



With a 50 PSI pressure that is 6-10 times more than other portable concentrators, the Tahoe outperforms similar products when considering pressure, flow, oxygen percentage, and cost of ownership.

How does it work?

The Tahoe draws in room air and separates oxygen from the air utilizing the Pressure Swing Adsorption process.
The Tahoe compresses the medical-grade oxygen to 60 PSI and stores the oxygen in a reservoir for supply on demand.
As your device requires oxygen, the Tahoe supplies a regulated steady flow of oxygen at 50 PSI.  As the reservoir is depleted, the compressor refills the reservoir and the process starts over.

Note:  Tahoe specifications of performance are based on operation at sea level.

Part # Description
595-2300A Vetland Medical Tahoe Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Tahoe Standard Features

  • Industry-standard DISS oxygen supply outlet
  • Designed for veterinary applications
  • Safety alerts
  • Oxygen on hand & available 24/7
  • 5 LPM flow
  • Oxygen concentration – 1-5 LPM at 93% ±3%
  • Oxygen supply pressure – 1-5 LPM at 50 PSI ±5 PSI
  • 44 dB (±4 dB)

Why is PSI So Important?

  • 50 PSI is the “Normal Working Pressure” of all anesthesia machines
  • 2005 NFPA 99 standards state oxygen piping systems shall be capable of maintaining 50-55 PSI to all outlets at a maximum flow rate
  • The daily checklist of all major anesthesia machine manufacturers states the unit shall be connected to an oxygen supply that is turned ON and has an adequate supply pressure of 50-55 PSI
  • The Tahoe supplies any anesthesia system, cages, or chambers with Medical Grade Oxygen at the industry specified 50 PSI
  • *The Tahoe can supply 50 PSI flush to the system without the need for a backup tank
  • The Tahoe is the only compact oxygen concentrator on the market that provides the specified 50 PSI pressure for proper anesthesia machine function

*Emergency tank is recommended in case of loss of power

Please note, that concentrators offering inadequate flows or pressure jeopardize patient safety.

Why is the Tahoe a Great Option for Your Facility?

  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to install on any machine
  • No hassle of managing oxygen supply inventory
  • No booster needed
  • Simple operation
  • Energy efficient
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Durable
  • Casters for convenient mobility
  • Eliminates costly tank rentals
  • Low operating cost
  • Automatic operation
  • 1-Year Overall Warranty
  • 3-Year Compressor Warranty

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