Vetland D20 Vaporizer Mount Options

Vetland D20 comes standard with 23mm cage mount.
Below are other available options.

520-1009 Drager Style Mount
520-1010 Selectatec Mount (mounts to vaporizer)
520-1011 Selectatec Mount (mounts to machine)
520-1001P Inlet – Sold Separately
520-1002P Outlet – Sold Separately
Vetland Medical Image
Vetland Medical Image
Vetland Medical Image

Vaporizer Pole Mounting Options

210A4839 1″ Vaporizer Pole Mount Bracket
210A3314 1.75″ Vaporizer Pole Mount Bracket
210A4830 2″ Vaporizer Pole Mount Bracket

Vaporizer Filler Options

527-3211 Isoflurane Key Filler
527-3231 Sevoflurane Key Filler
527-3211 Isoflurane Anti-Spill Funnel Filler
527-2231 Sevoflurane Anti-Spill Funnel Filler
Vetland Medical Image
Vetland Medical Image


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