Versafuge Universal Centrifuge

Jenn Schuckman, Laboratory Manager

Park Equine Animal Hospital
Paris, KY

“I love our Versafuge by Heartland! It is so quiet we don’t even know its running. The counter space it saves by having rotors that easily switch out is a huge help for our small lab.”







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Ceiling Pendant Mount System for Anesthesia Machines

Mary McGuire, Office Manager

Animal Eye Clinic
Oklahoma City, OK

“[The Ceiling Pendant Mount System] is absolutely awesome…!!! I think this is one of the first transitions we have done that has gone so smoothly. We put the operating microscope on the other side of the surgery table and with the anesthesia machine able to slide up and out of the way, we can wheel the large dogs in and just roll them onto the table! We are very, very happy! Thanks for everything.”

Vetland Anesthesia Machine mounted on ceiling pendant