The EX3000- The Future of Veterinary Anesthesia


At Vetland Medical, we love innovation almost as much as we love making products that improve the lives of our veterinarians and especially our pets.  We continually strive to improve our products in order to provide the veterinary community with the equipment that will ultimately refine veterinary anesthesia and veterinary medicine.

Because anesthesia can be a frightening event- and in some circumstances, life threatening – safety is of the utmost importance.  With the emphasis on safety in mind, Vetland Medical designed the Landmark EX3000 – the future of veterinary anesthesia. The EX3000 is the only electronic dual-drug delivery system in the world for veterinary use.

The EX3000 was modeled off of human-use anesthesia machines and was built to increase anesthetic accuracy and decrease errors and fatalities.   The visual and audible alarms on the EX3000 alert clinicians of any anesthetic risk parameters, making them easy to correct before they become medical emergencies.


The EX3000 Monitors the following top 5 risk parameters:

・ Oxygen Supply Pressure Monitor

・ Breathing Pressure Monitor

・ Apnea Monitor and audible breath sounds

・ Anesthetic drug monitor

・ Anesthetic concentration monitor for Isoflurane and Sevoflurane


Some common issues that may occur are:

・ The oxygen tank runs empty

・ The Pop Off valve is inadvertently left closed

・ The vaporizer is inadvertently left at induction levels

・ The breathing valve malfunctions or vaporizers malfunction


For these and many other clinical scenarios, the EX3000 will alert the clinician who can quickly and safely correct the errors – resulting in less anesthetic accidents and deaths.


At Vetland Medical, we consider our pets to be family and we know you do too. We have worked tirelessly for many years to develop the smartest, most accurate and safest veterinary anesthesia machines in the world and we have definitely set the bar high with the EX3000!